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Happy July! New version of the site is coming very soon! Stay tuned.

About us
When a child fully understands a subject, their life changes. They grow as a person and they become confident in their abilities. Often times, this period of growth gets stunted by feelings of disinterest or fear. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy what they learn. Therefore, we created the Getinthepath website to increase interest in learning among K-6th grade students. 


Weekly gameboards for educational/cognitive development in different areas (logic, mental health, fine motor skills, global learning and language). Videos and activities are created using AI tools to create an engaging experience. Parents and children can work through the videos and activities together.

Parent forums for parents to build community and ask questions related to their child's educational journey

Teacher blog for teachers to communicate with one another and share classroom activities that will help their students succeed

 Subject confidence booster for teachers to share short videos explaining topics in an engaging way. 


NEW: Competitions Booster which contains competitions that your child can participate in!


The website can also be used as an all in one place for students and parents to get information regarding activities and ideas. Visit us every day for new updates!

Want to learn more?  Contact us at

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