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9-12 years old Weekly Activities

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Does this look like where you want to work?
If so, you may want to be a mechanical engineer when you grow up!

STEM Center:

Career Spotlight

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Responsibility short story

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In a bustling town, Jake discovered an old, neglected garden behind his house. Intrigued, he decided to bring it to life. Each day after school, Jake watered the plants, pulled weeds, and carefully tended to the flowers. His neighbors, inspired by his dedication, joined in.

The once-forgotten garden transformed into a vibrant oasis, filled with colors and fragrances. Jake's sense of responsibility not only revitalized the space but also created a sense of community pride. The town began organizing monthly garden gatherings, where everyone pitched in to maintain the beauty.

Through this experience, Jake learned that responsibility goes beyond personal tasks; it can foster teamwork and make a positive impact on the community. His commitment to the garden became a symbol of the collective responsibility the town shared for its shared spaces.


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Global learning:

Weekly virtual travel

Click on the button to check out the virtual tour

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Reading practice for

4th grade

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Paragraph 1: The sun is a huge, bright ball of fire in the sky. It gives us light and warmth every day. We need the sun to grow plants, feel happy, and stay healthy. But remember, never look directly at the sun, as it can hurt our eyes.


Paragraph 2: The moon is like the Earth's special friend in the sky. It shines at night and looks like a big circle. Sometimes, it's a full moon, and other times, it's just a sliver. People have sent astronauts to the moon to learn more about it. Maybe one day, we'll visit the moon too!

Paragraph 1:

Alex loved solving puzzles. One day, in an old library, he found a dusty book with a mysterious passage. Determined, he deciphered the clues and uncovered a secret door. Behind it was a hidden room filled with ancient books and artifacts. Alex felt like a treasure hunter in his own town, and the mystery sparked a newfound love for history.

Paragraph 2:

Sophie, a budding scientist, conducted a fun experiment in her backyard. With a magnifying glass, she studied how sunlight made colors dance through a prism. Excited by the rainbow of hues, she shared her findings with classmates, turning a simple backyard exploration into a colorful adventure.

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Write down your answer in a separate sheet of paper

1. Which material is the lightest (Fun Fact, in real life, this material is 5 times stronger than steel)

2. How did the shape affect the cars speed?

3. What was your highest speed?

Logic skills: Game Reflection

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Social/Emotional: Responsibility Reflection

In a journal or paper, write down the following

1. What responsible actions have you taken this week?

2. How does being responsible make you feel

3. Create a daily routine around the theme of responsibility


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Fine Motor:

Weekly Craft

Check out this origami simulator by

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Advanced Language:

Reading practice for 5th and 6th grade

Paragraph 1:

In the heart of the city, Mia discovered an old journal in her grandmother's attic. The pages told stories of a bygone era, and Mia was intrigued. As she delved into the entries, she felt a connection to her family's past. The journal became a time machine, transporting her to a world where her ancestors' dreams and struggles unfolded in faded ink.

Paragraph 2:

Max built a mini-rocket. With careful calculations and a passion for exploration, he launched it into the sky. As the rocket soared, Max felt the thrill of scientific discovery, inspiring his classmates to embark on their own science adventures. The garage became a hub of innovation, fostering a community of young scientists eager to explore the wonders of the universe.

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