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Hi, I'm Cubie the Cube! Hover over the boxes to see the activities!

4-6 years old Weekly Activities

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Logic Skills: Game

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Parents, please ask these questions to your child once they have completed the game

1. Which car was the fastest?

2. What was your favorite car?


Logic Skills: Game Reflection

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Core Values: Responsibility Video

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Core Values: Printable Responsibility Challenge

Parent's please print out this weeks exercise by clicking on the avatar.

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Fine Motor: Weekly Craft

Click the picture to go to the craft from the Highlights Magazine site! This link goes to an external site.

NOTE: parents/guardians must be present when the child visits the site and does the craft.

Crafting Desk
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Global Ed: Weekly virtual travel

 Click on the button to check out the virtual tour

WOW!! Amazing job learning! You are almost there!!

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Language Skills: Word of the week

Image by Sincerely Media

The word of the week is:



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Language skills: Word of the week examples

We walk to the park
I walk to school
I like to walk


YAY you did it! You should be so proud of yourself! Cubie is so proud of you!

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